How To Apply For US Visa?

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How to Apply For US Visa? application from India involve temporary stay, through this guide, the Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) will be discussed. 

US Visa

The US is a dream destination for almost anyone on this planet. Being one of the most developed nations and a superpower,Guest Posting the US is a step above the rest. In fact, the US visa is considered to be one of the most sought after permits in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that the ‘land of opportunities’ is an incredible destination. With its amazing diverse landscapes, tremendous job & business opportunities, and the world’s best educational institutions, people always have a reason to visit the US. But sadly, getting a US visa isn’t easy. So, through this article, we will tell you some of the basic information about the American visa. 

Types of US visa

There are different types of Non-Immigrant US visas available. Based on the exact purpose of the visit, they can be divided into the following main types. 


Tourist Visa: B2 - This type is issued for individuals visiting the country for purposes such as leisure, visiting friends or family, etc. 


Business Visa: B1 - The business visa is issued to travelers who are visiting the country for business meetings, conferences, and other business-related activities. Even though the US visas B1 and B2 have different US Visa Requirements, the visa is issued as a B1/B2 visa. 


Student Visa: F1 - This is issued for students entering the country for the purpose of education.


Work Visa: H1-B - This is issued to individuals who have to travel to the country to perform highly skilled work.


Dependent Visa: H4, F2, L2, etc - The dependents such as a spouse, children of individuals possessing other US permits are issued the Dependent permit.    


Trainee Visa: H3 - This type is issued for people attending non-employment training programs in the US. 


Media and Journalists Visa: I - Issued for information media personnel traveling for work purposes.


Artists,/Entertainers/Athletes Visa: P - This is issued for the athletes, artists, or entertainers traveling as a part of work or project.


Extraordinary Ability Visa: O1 - Issued for people possessing extraordinary abilities in the field of science, sports, arts, business, etc.


Exchange visitor: J1 - This is for individuals visiting the US as a part of an exchange program.


Intracompany transferees: L1 - This is granted to employees that are sent to the branch/subsidiary/parent company in the US as a part of the transfer.


Transit: C1 - This is issued for individuals traveling through the US as a part of a transit journey.


Crew: D - This is for members traveling as a crew of aircraft or ship. Similar to B1/B2, despite the different US visa applications for C1 and D, the permit is issued in the form of a C1/D Visa.


How to apply for a US visa?

In order to apply for the US visa, you can use the following steps. 


  1. You will need to fill the NIV (Non-Immigrant Visa) application form online: a.k.a DS-160 form
  2. You should then proceed to pay your US visa fees online.
  3. Once this is done, submit your application. You will receive a fee receipt and confirmation of your email.
  4. Proceed to schedule your US Visa appointment. This involves two appointments. The first one at a VAC (Visa Application Center) for the biometric submission, and the next at a US Embassy or Consulate-General for the visa interview. 
  5. Visit the VAC for your biometric first, along with the passport, appointment, and the D-160 confirmation pages. 
  6. After the submission at VAC, you will then have to visit a US Embassy or Consulate for your interview, along with your supporting documents, appointment confirmation letter, and VAC stamped D-160 confirmation page. 


Although the basic idea and process of a US visa have been mentioned, there is a significantly large amount of requirements and documents you will need to make the application. In order to find out more information, you can check out a USA Visa Consultant.  

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