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Ever thought that an element like salad dressing in your diet could play such an important role in influencing your weight loss program. Every element of food we consume responds in a positive of negative way to the nutritional needs of our body. How do we deal with it; read on...

You might wonder why this target of losing 9 pounds fast,Guest Posting why not 10 or 15 or 20. Well to be honest, logically 9 is the highest of the single digit numbers, hence psychologically easy to achieve and yet closest to 10, the smallest of two digit numbers. I believe in setting initial targets which are relatively easy to achieve. So now that this controversy is over, let's get to learn how to lose 9 pounds fast?

If you are seriously interested in losing 9 pounds fast, it is important to begin recognizing and avoiding the health food trap. There are LOTS of food items on the aisles of your neighborhood supermarket that manufacturers are trying to pass off as healthy and trick you into buying. Be smarter than them, and take control of your choices! Processed food is not the answer, even if it is a seemingly healthy salad dressing.

'A salad dressing!?' you must be thinking. What can possibly be unhealthy about a salad dressing! Read on to find such simple things can derail you from your goal of losing weight fast.

The Problem Ingredients - Enemies of Losing Weight Fast

Most commercially manufactured dressings contain large quantities of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). So, the dressing which you thought was healthy, is actually loading you with sugar. Read the ingredients label carefully, and see which and how many of the dressings contain this avoidable ingredient.

To add to that, most of these dressings contain either refined canola oil or highly refined soybean oil. Some even contain both! However, neither of these ingredients is healthy. Soybean oil contains way too many omega-6 fatty acids, and the oxidized polyunsaturated fats in both these, poses some serious health problems. Essentially, neither of these ingredients will help your fitness and weight loss goals.

So, what do you do, if you want a tasteful and healthy salad that will also help you lose 9 pounds fast and knock off those excess pounds? The answer is: make your own dressing. It is so easy, that it will take you less than ten minutes if you have all the ingredients. The ingredients themselves are easy to get as well. Here's the recipe.

A Homemade Salad Dressing Recipe

Take a salad dressing container, and fill it with these ingredients:

• 1/3rd apple cider vinegar
• 1/3rd balsamic vinegar
• 1/3rd equal proportions of olive oil (extra virgin) and an oil blend enriched with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), such as 'Udo's Choice'.
• Pinch of black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder
• 1-2 teaspoons of genuine 100% maple syrup

Shake the container so that the ingredients mix well, and you have your own healthy salad dressing! Your home-made version has none of the harmful ingredients of a commercial dressing, and it lacks nothing in terms of taste. In fact, you will probably find that it tastes better than most other dressings available in the market. Obviously, you can adapt the recipe according to your own taste, by altering the proportions of the herbs and the maple syrup.

The Health Advantages

The best part of this weight loss recipe is that it has a significant quantity of unrefined polyunsaturated oils, as well as the perfect balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. The EFA blend is what ensures that you get a substantial amount of essential fatty acids. All you need to make sure is that the EFA oil blend you buy is cold processed. Heating essential fatty acids is the worst thing one can possibly do!, now you know how an insignificant looking salad dressing could influence your efforts to lose 9 pounds fast.

At the end of the day, this excellent weight loss recipe demonstrates that you needn't be a victim of manufactured gimmicks. A little bit of effort is all you need to make responsible choices, achieve your weight loss goals and better fitness and longer life in the process!

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