A Long Walk on a Short Pier

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We all write - whether we do it ... or ... Kids write homework ... and mom and dad write out checks to pay bills. Writing comes in many shapes and forms, but what about "takin

We all write - whether we do it professionally or socially. Kids write homework assignments and mom and dad write out checks to pay bills.

Writing comes in many shapes and forms,Guest Posting but what about "taking that leap of faith" and putting your views, thoughts, and ideas on paper and letting others read them, test them, and possibly incorporate them into their own lifestyles.

A writer can "move mountains" and "tear down walls" or they can isolate, humiliate, and destroy. These are very powerful aspects to consider when you put pencil/pen to paper. There is, however, another very important point to consider with regard to writing. It is a form of communicating with everyone world-wide and exchanging viewpoints as well as forging new inroads and offering new solutions.

Every man, woman, or child has an opinion and these opinions count. Collectively, they have sent man into space and sadly, individually, they have started battles. History is a reflection of a generation's beliefs, values, and morals. History is not a text book filled with phantom words and sentences that have been placed there mysteriously. They are words, either written or spoken, that have advanced civilizations and, in some instances, made human beings hang their heads in shame.

Life offers us so many opportunities to walk across some very short piers, and when you write your personal feelings, and innermost thoughts, that walk can become so very long and lonely. Each person, however, owes it to everyone else around them, even to the far reaches of the universe, to express their needs, wants, hopes, dreams, and opinions. This must be done judiciously, tactfully, and with an open mind. You must always remember that you are standing on that pier, and with your writing, you are trying to convince others to walk down all the piers in their lives and make a difference. Sometimes the outcome may not be exactly what you want, but what is the alternative - the world would never hear "your side", your view, and your expression or synopsis of what has happened, will happen, or that you are trying to make happen.

Writing - we all do it - and it should always be done to the best of our capability. The majority of us will never equate Hemmingway or Shakespeare, but we will make a difference in our own way. Your name may not be written in any history textbook but don't be surprised if your idea is not there - right on that page - waiting to inspire, and have the next generation carry the idea you originated a bit further, and to a wonderful conclusion.

Don't be afraid to express yourself in writing, for each person is a very vital component to a complete world. It's like a puzzle - one missing piece - and it never gets completed.
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