Finding Balance Between Sales Writing and Content Writing

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The online marketers often get confused between sales writing and content writing. Merging these two different disciplines into one copy robs the article of its effectiveness, confusing the readers. So for the article to be successful online, it is absolutely necessary that these two different types of writing are identified and not mixed up in the same piece of writing.

Hiring expertise of a content writing company for your website can help you strike a perfect balance between the above mentioned styles of writing. Meanwhile,Guest Posting these following tips can be a stepping stone to find a balance between sales writing and content writing:

Incorporating Sales Content

In a promotional article, it is advisable to keep sales or the pre-sales talk to a minimum. Content writing services have stressed on the fact that the purpose of such an article is certainly not to sell the product or service to the consumers right away. However, you can incorporate few aspects of pre-sales into the promotional article to lure users to click on your website but ensure that it is not the highlight of the article.

The sales copy should be saved for the landing page of the website. The main point of a promotional article is to convince the reader to click and visit your website with a peaked interest in possible purchase or subscription. Instead of working on a sales copy, your article should have flow and readability, and should be able to generate interest among potential consumers.

How to Pre-sell

Any article has a basic structure – introduction, then discussion on the topic or problem presented in the introduction and the concluding argument. In the case of a promotional article, the first section should introduce a problem or a situation or an opportunity.

The second part of the article should explore the mentioned situation and talk how it affects the reader. What is the status of this situation? This part will be the stepping stone to your final section – potential solution for the reader. Content writing services always advice their clients not to sell their idea outright. Instead, the article should push the reader to explore your website and feel motivated to buy. This pre-selling technique has proved effective in the past.

The Actual Selling

While it is said that the content itself should not sell, but it should work in tandem with the sales copy to achieve a sale. Leading content writing services have stressed that the content writers should familiarize themselves with the sales and landing pages. This exercise would help incorporate important elements into the writing. So whether you are writing an article or working on a marketing campaign, follow this useful tip.

The above mentioned pointers would come in handy to attract interested readers and prospective buyers to your website. If you are a content writing company, knowledge and implementation of these tips would benefit your client to increase their sales and website traffic, and help you land potential clients as well.

If you are hiring a content writing company to help you with sales writing and content writing, it is always recommended that you check their quality of work from their former and current clients.

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