PR is the New SEO

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Smart public relations’ strategies and press releases is the way to boost your SEO and increase your rankings. So, hire your content writing services in India smartly.

Google now prefers to list websites with high quality,Guest Posting informative content. So, stuffing keywords and getting huge SEO Packages from a content writing company in India won’t do you any favors if you don’t have the right kind of PR strategy to follow. Public Relations and Press Releases are the new form of quality content, the new SEO that can be your vehicle and anchor for reaching the top of Google’s search rankings. Here is what you can do to promote PR for your company.Hire Content Writing ServicesGetting the right kind of services for content writing in India is absolutely essential. A good company will have SEO packages, content writing benefits and PR Strategies combined together to help you reach the top!Have Google Related AuthorityWhile no content writing company in India will solely focus on the use of Google+ for content updates and social media, you should still consider including that in your social media platform list. Why? Because the search algorithms will favor the network. So, posting your content on this platform, sharing it to the masses is understandably an excellent way to grow. Then, publish quality content on the website and not the self or company promotional stuff. This can yield you high rewards.Backlinking PRCredible PR coverage is essential and only good content writing services can help you with that. Remember, well written content is essential and the information should be relevant, true and non-promotional. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the content is listed on credible PR websites or newspapers that have high viewership. You have to look for websites where you can get back-linking services as well, as this will help you rank high on Google and other search engine websites. When it comes to PR, think of quality over quantity.A CampaignDiscuss this with your content writing company- what kind of campaign schedule you need. This is essential because a campaign and a publishing schedule will help in ensuring that you are always visible and famous. It will also help the audience trust you. At the same time, make sure that the content you create is compelling in nature. So, brainstorm the titles, topics and images to make the content more interesting.Lastly, choose content writing services that can leverage social media while creating content through relevant online sources. Spreading your conversations and PR content through social media networks will help in increasing your reach. This is the medium where you can promote yourself and provide meaningful conversation while engaging in a dialogue at the same time. So, take all these factors into consideration to make PR the new SEO and benefit from it.

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