“I Really DON’T WANT To Be The Leader”

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This is the Opportunity for me in life to turn into spiritual path. I escaped from the worldly pursue and I immersed deeply in spiritual goal.

1. Many years ago,Guest Posting in my family business dealing with property Development, I have about 1,300 employees. I am the boss, so called the BIG BOSS, THE LEADER.


2. One day, I reflect, who is actually the boss ?


3. Every month I have to find and raise Fund to pay my employees’ salaries, paying over thousands of employees, suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors, bank loans, architects, Consultants etc.


4. This made me think seriously.


5. Who is actually the boss ? Me or Them ?


6. The conclusion during that time was this

They were the Boss, I was the Slave. FIND MONEY and MAKE MONEY for THEM plus getting upset when they didn’t perform a GOOD JOB, even though I can Make a lot of Money in properties.


7. Second thought arises in me.


8. What is the point of having so much money with so much of workloads and responsibilities ?


9. Eventually we will pass away without taking anything along. ( We must have the Wisdom )


10. Just like in any business, economic cycle, ups and downs, Law of Nature, Recession came in; I was hit, hit badly.


11. This is the Opportunity for me in life to turn into spiritual path. I escaped from the worldly pursue and I immersed deeply in spiritual goal.


12. Very fortunately my family business grew back stronger than before, Thanks and credit to my youngest brother.


13. But I already lose interest in material gains. Today I involved in Business Arena again is with the Sole Intention to HELP.


14. PLEASE Believe me. I would like to help; I can HELP YOU provided You help yourself also.


15. When you are hungry, I cannot eat on your behalf, so you must help yourself a little bit, Ok ?


16. When you are a Born Leader, anything you do, your thoughts, your ideas, your philosophy, your actions would turn you to become a True Leader even YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE LEADER.


17. And if you and your past were NOT a Leader, You are the follower, and NOW you try to learn to be a Leader, then I would say you would end up ½ cooked Leader. Meaning that upside down Leader.


18. My advice is, Be Smart, Be Wise. JUST Follow the Wise and sincere Born Leader. This is much an easy road to success.


19. Honestly I tell you, I DON’T WANT TO BE THE LEADER. And I am Not a BORN LEADER. But 1 thing I am sure of is    I CAN HELP YOU TO MAKE MONEY WITH LESS EFFORTS.

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