Mastering the Craft of Copywriting in Aberdeen

Apr 12


Nigel Graber

Nigel Graber

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In the competitive landscape of UK copywriting, adaptability and strategic positioning are key to thriving. Despite economic downturns and market saturation, there's a silver lining for those ready to leverage technology and SEO savvy to reach clients far and wide, including in Aberdeen. This guide will help you navigate the challenges and seize opportunities to stand out as a top-tier copywriter, regardless of your location.


The Changing Tide for UK Copywriters

The life of a UK copywriter has evolved significantly. Gone are the days when securing a top spot on Google's first page or investing in Google AdWords guaranteed a steady stream of clients. The economic downturn of the late 2000s brought about a harsher climate for freelancers,Mastering the Craft of Copywriting in Aberdeen Articles with increased competition and clients often seeking the cheapest rates for SEO content.

Embracing the Digital Landscape

As a freelance copywriter, your potential reach is limitless. You can connect with clients across the globe, including those in Aberdeen, through various digital communication tools like email, phone, and Skype. Companies in Aberdeen are not just looking for a local copywriter; they want the best person for the job, which could very well be you.

Strategies to Attract Aberdeen Clients

Here are two strategies to attract clients from Aberdeen, one that requires a budget and one that doesn't:

Paid Advertising with a Local Twist

If you have the resources, you can tailor your Google AdWords campaign to target 'copywriter Aberdeen' or 'copywriter Aberdeenshire', directing local clicks to your website. This method can be effective if you're willing to invest in your marketing budget.

SEO Optimization and Content Marketing

For those on a tighter budget, creating a landing page focused on copywriting services in Aberdeen can be just as effective. Highlight the benefits of working with you remotely and how clients can save money by choosing your services. To optimize your SEO:

  • Use long-tail geographical keywords in your H1 and H2 headings.
  • Aim for a keyword density of about 5% on a 400-word page, which equates to roughly 20 keywords.
  • Build backlinks by writing articles about copywriting in Aberdeen and publishing them on reputable article sites or through press releases. Ensure your anchor text is relevant to your targeted pages.

The Importance of SEO and Backlinks

SEO is crucial for online visibility. According to a study by Ahrefs, only 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the second page. This underscores the importance of ranking on the first page for your targeted keywords. Additionally, backlinks remain a strong ranking factor, with a correlation between the number of backlinks from unique websites and Google rankings, as reported by Backlinko.


In the digital age, geographical boundaries are less of a barrier to business. By utilizing SEO best practices and digital marketing strategies, you can attract clients from Aberdeen or any other location. It's about showcasing your skills and proving that you are the best copywriter for the job, regardless of where you or your clients are based.

For further reading on SEO and digital marketing strategies, consider visiting Moz or Search Engine Journal, both of which offer a wealth of up-to-date information and resources for online marketers and copywriters.

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