Best Method For Changing Domain Names-Get It Right

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There is the best way you can go about changing domain name. Although many people encounter problems, discover and use mod_rewrite and a.htaccess file application today and you won’t encounter such problems.

Changing domain names! Yes,Guest Posting understand that there will be times in which you have to do it. In fact, there are lots of people who have done this, and to say it has actually become quite common nowadays. Of course, a lot of those changes are coupled with a lot of problems.

The process is very time consuming and the chance of encountering a mistake is very high. However, every problem usually has a possible solution. Doesn't it? In order to solve this particular problem, there is a safer alternative that one can use. This is done via the application of the mod_rewrite and a.htaccess file.

Now you might want to know exactly what a mod_rewrite and.htaccessfile are. A mod_rewrite in relation to changing domain names is an Apache module that will allow the mode for the URL rewrite. A lot of people consider this tool because it does not require any special software to be used by the end user. Although you can still see the old domain in their browser address bar on the first page that you see, this content can be seen via the new domain instantaneously. When you use a mod_rewrite to change domain name, this will also give you a very user friendly engine search.

On the other hand, the.htaccess file has a role in changing domain names as it contains specific Apache directives for particular requests which include security and redirect situations. It also contains the instructions on how to deal with specific errors. This function of the.htaaccess file is very essential because the Apache that it holds is a very well used web server that aid in creating an easy process for changing domain.

Be knowledgeable on the facts about these two crucial tools. It is very crucial that you take into account some of the problems that are encountered with domain changes. These problems have to be accounted for in order to experience a problem free transition. The first thing that you must do is to ensure that they support the mod_rewrite module or the attempt procedure will not operate.

Next, you should activate your new domain. It is imperative that you make sure that the file base construction and name is almost the same as it was when it was with the old domain. Once this is done, you should make an.htaccessfile. It might be good to know that the.htaccess file in changing domain names could be done by using a text editor such as notepad. It should also be noted that the file does not have a tail extension; the name should just be.htaccess.

If finished, the syntax should then be put in. Just understand that when changing domain names, the old domain name will still be in the browser window, but you are actually looking at the information of the new domain name. Obviously, there are guidelines that accompany these steps for changing domain names, but these guidelines go beyond the parameters of this article.

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