Domain Name Registration-How Many Extensions Do You Really Need?

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There are many questions asked whether the same domain name should be registered using different types of extensions and if an extension can affect the search engine's ranking. This article takes you through these questions. 

When it comes to selecting a domain name,Guest Posting people are frequently filled with many questions. One of the most crucial questions is which extension should be used. Should it be a dot com, dot net or dot biz? A common issue is that people generally will type in dot com most of the time when online and will usually land on many different types of web sites. This can be a hassle for both the business and the browser.

Another frequently asked question is whether an extension affects the search engine's ranking. The answer to this question is a clear No. When you pick a domain name, you're provided with a list of various extensions to pick.

General Definitions of the Extensions That Are Available

.com Means Commercial. It is the most popular extension and is the general preference of most businesses. Because it is so popular and hard to get, other domain extensions have been created.

.net Means Network. It is usually utilized by internet service providers, internet hosting businesses or any other entity relevant to network or online services.

.org Means Organization. It is usually utilized by non commercial internet sites. However, currently, a lot of companies are registering their matching dot org extensions to their dot com names.

.biz Means Business. It is utilized for business web sites. There are better opportunities for you to get this extension because it is not used much.

.info Means Information. It is usually utilized for web sites that share information. Just like the dot biz extension, this one is also slowly becoming popular. So you can probably get a domain with this extension.

It is always better to go ahead and get that same name registered by yourself at a much cheaper price using different extensions instead of purchasing the same from someone else at a very expensive price. You should always utilize a domain forwarding service to redirect your customers from your other domains to your main domain.

This is very important because customers can sometimes get confused about a particular web address and get the competition's webpage in error. For instance, your domain name is and your new visitors may type in, which is the competition. It is always better to prevent such possible errors from occurring.

It appears that name protection and coverage are two of the biggest reasons why you should get more than one domain name extension registered. The ability to access a web site is higher when two or more extensions are registered for a domain name.

There are other benefits for registering more than one domain name. It helps to create a demand for a similar domain name because people realize that so many domains are available that relate to the main one. But some people have a different opinion about this. They believe that having two or more domain extensions confuses visitors.

In conclusion, your primary goal should be to get a dot com name extension. Once this is done, you can then get other extensions. It is recommended that you register all related extensions so that it is guaranteed that you have the highest coverage and that your visitors don't mistakenly land on your competitor's web site.

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