Great Promotion by At-Domains

Jul 16


Hans-Peter Oswald

Hans-Peter Oswald

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ICANN ... ... Secura ... today, that the company is ... the ... of ... from ... who live ... and ...


ICANN accredited registrar Secura announces today,Great Promotion by At-Domains Articles that the company is accepting the registration of at-domains from customers, who live outside
Austria and Germany.(

At-domains are the domains from Austria. This is special interesting, because in English, "at" has a meaning. You could form combination with files, which are sentences like e.g.

If your desired name is taken at ."at", you can try to register it at or .

If you want to have a strong presence in Austria, it is recommended, that you register your name as well at ".at" as at,, and Otherwise a competitor could annoy you by registering your name at and

You can get also domains at .at, and with special characters like ä, ö and ü.

The at-domains are not only accepted by search-engines in Austria, but at-domains are also accepted

by search engines in Germany and Switzerland.

As there is a set up fee, you have to pay at the first year 140 US-Dollars for parking your at-domains or 18O US-Dollars for registering and connecting your at-domains. In the following years you have to pay only 80 US-Dollars per at-domain and year.

Hans Peter Oswald

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