Gama Abacus, the alternative way of learning maths and arithametic maths

Apr 20


Gama Abacus

Gama Abacus

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Gama Abacus is a dynamic learning institution that has its branches expanded worldwide intending to develop and enhance the intellectual skills and the overall academic proficiency of the young minds to guide them towards a bright future.


The Abacus programme aims to enhance brain power,Gama Abacus, the alternative way of learning maths and arithametic maths Articles upgrade the brain skills of children aged 5 to 13 years, and remove the fear of mathematics by making arithmetic calculations easier.

Addition of single-digit limited numbers, row-by-row addition of single-digit restricted numbers, addition of double-digit limited numbers to double-digit rows, and other difficult sums The emphasis is on more difficult addition and subtraction sums, as well as multiplication and division.We aim at developing the individual skills that take one through all exams of life. When one of our visions is to educate in the right manner, we also are hell-bent on creating an entrepreneurship program that empowers our teachers and establishes successful abacus franchisees. 

Visualization, Speed, and Accuracy indicate that the learner has great control over the acquired topic, with speed serving as a certifying statement for the student's competency.

The training may cause functional and structural neural alterations mostly in the frontal-parietal and occipital-temporal brain areas. The training-induced cognitive improvements may be explained by some of the brain alterations. When applying the results to a broader scenario, however, care is required. Future research implications are discussed.

Abacus-based mental computation (AMC) allows skilled abacus users to execute quick and precise calculations by using an imagined abacus in their heads. showed that children who were taught to use an abacus scored 7 points higher on IQ tests than controls, and that abacus-trained children performed better in visual and auditory working memory tasks, as well as visuo-spatial working memory, when compared to controls.

Learning to use an abacus aids not only in fundamental arithmetic such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division, but also in effective counting of decimal points, negative numbers, and so on. When pupils learn to use an abacus, they calculate using their hands and a beading tool.Gama Abacus is focused on relieving kids from the horror of the traditional education system. We create a comfortable environment where kids unknowing absorb math as the essence of life. 

When youngsters use both hands to manipulate abacus beads in arithmetic computations, cells on both sides of the brain are stimulated. This leads to faster, more balanced whole-brain growth and increased mental ability.

Abacus training has been claimed and proved to enhance whole-brain growth by several Asian academics. When youngsters use their index and thumb to manipulate the abacus beads to accomplish arithmetic calculations, the finger motions and the brain communicate quickly.

Adults benefit from abacus-based arithmetic functions because they improve attention and concentration. An abacus is the finest instrument for any adult to develop their mental and visualisation abilities.

Despite the widespread usage of calculators and computers in place of abacuses nowadays, abacuses are still utilised in some nations. Abacuses are used by merchants, dealers, and clerks in portions of Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and Africa. In non-electronic table games, the abacus is still widely used as a scoring method. Online abacus class will help them to focus on their problems and find solutions with speed and accuracy.

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