How Do I Find The Best Bubble Tea Store Near Me?

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You have been on Google searching for the term "best bubble tea near me." Or maybe what you're searching for is, 'boba tea near me' or boba closer to me.' Whichever way, we're here to find answers to your questions.

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We've listed out the bubble tea stores near you to help with your search.

However, if you're a newbie bubble tea drinker, don't get confused with the 'boba' term. Here's what Boba is.


What is Boba?


If you're unfamiliar with bubble tea or boba, this information might be helpful in your search for a boba tea near you.


Boba is a tea-based drink that contains 4 necessary ingredients. They include:


Milk or creamer

Freshly brewed tea

Syrup or sweetener



Many bubble tea stores will generally use oolong tea jasmine tea or green tea as their tea base.


Some bubble tea flavors require a dark tea base to get a deeper taste. But for other boba flavors, a lighter tea base sounds suitable for a lighter taste. Both are good and serve their individual flavor options.


Milk / creamers


When it comes to creamers or milk, many bubble tea shops usually use sweetened condensed milk. However, some boba shops use other milk or dairy as well. Some examples of this milk and dairy products in bubble tea are oat milk, cows milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and skim milk.




When it comes to sweeteners (delicious), many bubble tea stores will use certain kinds of syrup. If they don't use sweetened condensed milk, chances are they will use a type of syrup. And if the store uses sweetened condensed milk, of course, there won't need to use an added sweetener.


Some of the most popular syrup for bubble tea flavor are brown sugar syrup, traditional syrup, or honey.


You may notice some bubble tea stores using more unique syrups, but that will be determined by what the bubble tea flavor entails.




Now, here comes the best part -The toppings!

Bubble tea stores always have plenty of toppings to add to your drink.

Some of the most popular toppings that you can find in boba shops include boba pearls, pudding, red bean, jelly, and popping boba.


Make sure toppings are added to your boba to enjoy the perfect experience of taking boba.


What popular flavors should you expect?


Most times, when you use the search phrase ' boba tea near me,' or milk tea near me'- any bubble tea store that appears on your screen will undoubtedly have this five flavor, almost all the time.


Five different boba flavors usually come to mind when thinking of the best flavors. Most times, all the bubble tea stores you will find will have these flavors.


Black milk tea

Taro milk tea

Matcha milk tea

Thai milk tea

Brown sugar pearl milk tea


Make sure you visit a Gong Cha store today for an exclusive blend of your favorite bubble tea combo.

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