How to Make Full Use of Flavorings

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How shall we make full use of flavorings? 

Not all people like the spicy taste of ginger,Guest Posting garlic and shallot. But they are indispensable flavorings. Some people would like to add some when they cook stir-fried food or soup in order to make dishes more delicious. However, people do not know that these three flavorings can save people’s life if they are utilized in a scientific way. As a Chinese saying goes, making good use of them can reduce the risks of some diseases by 50%. 
As early as ancient times, people began to use ginger, garlic and shallot in medicine care. For example, Confucius had the habit of eating ginger everyday to keep healthy. He once said that he could not live without ginger. But he did not eat much every time. Maybe, it was ginger that helped Confucius live so long a time. 
Ginger is considered to be the aspirin in food. Research has indicated that there exists a peculiar substance, and the main ingredients of which are same with those of aspirin. Therefore, ginger is similar to aspirin in that it is able to dilute blood and cure pains, such as toothache. Doctors advise people to put a piece of ginger on aching parts when they have toothaches. Moreover, ginger plays an important role in improving immune system and promoting digestion. Doctors also say that ginger has the function of preventing people from the cold. During the early period of a cold, people can boil 30 grams of ginger together with shallot and cane sugar to ease the symptoms. 
Garlic functions as a natural antibiotic. We all know that garlic is famous for its strong sterilization ability. When the particular alliin enters the blood, it would be converted into allicin, which can kill bacteria instantly. Therefore, people are suggested to eat some garlic at the turn of seasons to prevent intestinal infectious diseases. Though garlic does goods to health, excessive garlic would cause troubles. When garlic kills the pathogen in the intestines, it damages the beneficial bacteria at the same time. Thus, people are not advised to eat more than four petals of garlic at one time. People also should eat something else before they eat garlic. Those who get heart diseases, gastritis and gastric ulcer are not allowed to eat it at all. 
Shallot serves as a wonderful blood vessel protector. Shallot provides abundant protein, fat, sugar and vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium can be easily found in shallot, too. All these substances are able to restrain bacteria and epiphytes. Besides, shallot is rich in fitoncidin. This chemical has a vascular relaxant function. Consequently, it is capable of preventing high blood pressure. More importantly, it can decompose protein and reduce the content of cholesterol in blood. 

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