Popping Boba Vs Tapioca Boba - The Difference Explained

Feb 24


Rosario Berry

Rosario Berry

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First off, what are they? Tapioca Boba (also called bubbles or pearl) is a chewy, traditional beverage that is usually sweetened with honey or sugar. Since it is originated from tapioca, this boba comes with a little flavor when eaten alone in the absence of a sweetener.


The chewy texture and sweetness may vary with individual stores. This largely depends on how they are cooked. Boba is usually added to smoothies,Popping Boba Vs Tapioca Boba - The Difference Explained Articles milk tea, frozen drinks, and more. Popping boba (also called bursting boba) is created from extracts from seaweed mixed with fruit juice flavoring.


The drink has gained huge popularity, especially with the introduction of frozen yogurt. And it is moderate, not extremely, sweet. Because it contains huge varieties of flavored like strawberry, mango, lychee, and kiwi, there's enough room to customize and pair the flavors. Unlike tapioca, no cooking is involved.




As expected, popping and tapioca boba come in two different textures. One is soft and chewy while the other pops faster and mixes with flavors. You may notice the remnants of honey coming out after sip when you're chewing. Fast bursting boba will quickly add more flavor to your flavored drink. Kids find it more exciting.


Temperature: frozen, iced, or hot?


The temperature of your dessert or drink will influence the texture and flavor of popping Boba and Tapioca Boba with time, which depends on how long it takes you to finish them. Since tapioca boba is created from tapioca starch, it quickly responds to warm temperatures. This way, your boba is kept chewy and soft.


Tapioca Boba still has a great taste when mixed in fixed milk teas, but frozen drinks and smoothies may not be the best match as you can find them difficult to chew.

Popping boba is a little versatile. It goes well with hot beverages as it's will never dissolve under a warm condition. However, remember that popping boba also acts like gelatin. Don't be surprised when you see the texture becoming more liquid-y with time.


It does pleasantly well in frozen and iced drinks, allowing a slightly more texture and resistance and won't be difficult to pop. They are often frozen ahead of time to get an excellently icy texture.




When a sweetener like sugar and honey is added to Tapioca boba, it provides a lovely roundness to tea drinks. Tapioca has more neutral flavors, meaning they can pair with virtually anything. This sounds good for anyone who prefers a more focused or singular flavor and consumes boba for chewy and texture fun.


Popping Boba comes in different huge flavors from amazing green apple to the traditional lychee. While it comes in several choices, the boba has no neutral flavor.

We hope you'll find this article useful. Don't forget to leave a comment in case of any question if you have one or two tips to share.


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